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The modern man is measured by his wit, his savvy, and the content of his character. And here, his cuff and collar. We sat down with some of the most influential

Eugene Tong of Details

Senior Style Editor

Sc_eugene_tong_rollover Sc_eugene_tong
My Bespoken Shirt:
White poplin with a shortpoint & single cuff.
My Personal Style:

Modern and simple, anchored by classics.

Sam Fogarino of Interpol


Sc_sam_fogarino_rollover Sc_sam_fogarino
My Bespoken Shirt:
Grey end-on-end with a shortpoint & 2-button cuff.
My Personal Style:

Timeless without being retro, modern without being trendy.

Julie Ragolia

Stylist, Fashion Director

Sc_frank_munyntes_rollover Julie_stylecollective
My Bespoken Shirt:
Vintage Plaid with Classic Collar and 2-button cuff.
My Personal Style:

My style is a mix of school marm meets shamanism...feminized menswear and traveled touches.



Sc_nic_screws_rollover Sc_nic_screws
My Bespoken Shirt:
White poplin with a rounded collar & 2-button cuff
My Personal Style:

I have a pretty urban classic sensibility based on my years covering the menswear market. I'd say Annie Hall meets Bond girl Mary Goodnight mashup.

Wendell Brown of Esquire


Sc_brian_coat_rollover Wendell_brown
My Bespoken Shirt:
Grey oxford with a classic button-down & single cuff
My Personal Style:

Clean and classic but with a modern fit.

Jeffrey Tascarella

General Manager, NOMAD Hotel NYC

Sc_steve_miller_rollover Jeff_nomad2
My Bespoken Shirt:
Navy pencil stripe with a spread collar & 3-button cuff
My Personal Style:

I like timeless, nicely-tailored suits. I want to be able to look at a picture of myself 50 years from now and say, "Nice outfit."